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Skill Up! Nepal project aims to accelerate the inclusive economic development activities in Province 5, 6 and 7 of Nepal ensuring economic growth (prosperity), environmental protection (planet) and inclusion of most vulnerable and marginalized population groups (people) in the developmental mainstream. The project will establish at least one Green College in each Province for inter-province learning sharing, exchange and evidence fine-tuning for policy influence.

A large part of these young people will be living in rural areas, where most of them will seek their first job. They will however face great difficulties in finding decent and productive employment in rural areas because the employment opportunities that the current agrarian society/ system can offer are very limited. Rural areas are nevertheless full of resources, most of which remain untapped offering a large potential to generate economic opportunities in the agriculture and food sector. The effective utilization of those resources will help address the rural employment challenge.

Most rural youth are typically employed on a casual or seasonal basis as contributing family workers, subsistence farmers or unskilled workers. The development of skills provision, production support services and the post-harvest section of agricultural value chains, including processing, marketing and retailing, could create many jobs for rural youth. Farm and off-farm jobs can be created along agricultural value chains linked to agri-business development and related support services.

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Recent News

Mobile training on Vegetable & Poultry production inauguration ceremony at village of Surkhet

Date: 10th January 2022, 05:51 PM

Etheni is a remote village of Surkhet. Dalit are the major population at this place following with Janajati and others. Distance wise Etheni is not very far from provincial capital Birendranagar but almost entire people are struggling for their two time food. In this background Jana Jyoti school and Skill Up! project decided to run a 60 days (300 hours) training on poultry production at their place because they were interested in poultry business to make their regular income. Hence, on 25th March 2021, a training opening ceremony was organised at the place where 25 participants were selected and started their training.

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Closing ceremony of short course training at Kanchanpur

Date: 10th January 2022, 05:48 PM

Sixty trainees graduated on Poultry and Vegetable training conducted by Shree Krishna school Kanchanpur and supported by Skill Up! project. In the closing ceremony, Chairman of ward no-4 of Krishnapur Municipality, principal of green college, course coordinator of the green college, trainees and representative of Skill Up! project put their remarks and distributed the certificates to the trainees of both trainings.

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Three short course training opening ceremony at Kanchanpur

Date: 10th January 2022, 05:46 PM

In collaboration with Skill Up! project, Shree Krishna higher secondary school green college), Kanchanpur has inaugurated short course training on Commercial vegetable production, Mushroom cultivation and Poultry production for 90 youths where each trade has 30 trainees. Project has supported the school to strengthen their capacities as green college so that trainees could get best learning environment. Scholl has allocated two trainers for each trade in which the training was planned for 80% practical & 20% theoretical sessions following CTEVT’s curriculum. Besides, Vegetable & Poultry production training are customised for 300 hours (60 days) course and Mushroom training for 150 hours (30 days). More than 60% participants were females and they belong to ethnical community of nearby villages. The two trainings; Commercial vegetable production & Poultry production were planned to be conducted at school premise which began on 6th Jan 2021and the Mushroom cultivation training organized at community level (Krishnapur, Bichawa) commenced 1st Feb 2021. Project aimsthat trainees after the training will start their own business/ enterprise in the respective trained subject.

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Incubation Services

There is a high need of green incubation centre in the country that provides trainings, manage green business information system, produce standardized green skill curriculum, standard operating procedure of green skills service providers, and to facilitate market access to entrepreneurs. Such institutes can also play a vita role in green skills and green economy advocacy process and can provide the evidence for policy formulation.

There is a strong need to impart skills on self-employment by supporting the existing skill development institutions at every level of their skill development activity right from the trainee mobilization to the post-skill trainee handholding support. Some of the gaps in current skill development ecosystems are information management system and knowledge management, standardize course curricula which is market & scientifically vetted, quality & participatory based training material, quality trainers, post-training support like trainee business planning & mentoring, establishment of credit & market linkages, and convergence with other agencies. To bridges these gaps, there is a need of an incubation centre established based on multi-stakeholder convergence framework, which effectively delivers the multiple services.

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Green Colleges


Shree Jana Jyoti High School

Shree Jan Jyoti Secondary School was established on 2029 B.S, is located at Baddichaur of Barahtal Rural Municipality in Surkhet. The school is affiliated with National Examination Board (NEB) and offers plus two (10+2) programs. The School also offers different programs (short courses, 18 months & 3 years program) on Agriculture & Veterinary (Livestock) science affiliation with CTEVT.

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Shree Krishna High School

Shree Krishna High School is a public school in Kanchanpur. The school was estabished on 2017 B.S. It is located in Krishnapur-4, Gulariya. The school is affiliation with CTEVT TECS l from 2059 B.S. The school started L.P/A.H. (VJTA) 18 months from 2059 B.S., PJTA 18 months from 2061 B.S., Diploma in I.Sc. Ag (Plant Science) and Diploma in I.Sc.Ag. (Animal Science) from 2076. B.S.

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Shree Shivajan High School

Shree Shivajan Secondary School is a public school in Salyan. The school was established on BS. 2016, 11 Jestha. It is located in Sharada Municipality-1, Shitalpati. School runs CTEVT courses, TSLC and general courses upto class 12. School offers Agriculture, Forestry, Management, Education and Humanities faculty to the students.

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Our Beneficiary

The phase first of the project will directly benefit approximately 3,000 households through training provision, SMEs establishment, access to finance and value chain development. Project will establish 3 green colleges (one in each target Province). 2,994 (50% women) individuals will directly be benefitted from the skill transfer activities, including in-house courses (478 youths) and extension-based training approach/ farmer field schools (2,516 farmers). The project will target the marginalized population groups such as women, Dalit and tribal/ ethnic minority. The project also targets to establish at least 15 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).







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