Shree Jana Jyoti High School

Baddichaur, Barahtal Rural Municipality, Surkhet


Shree Jan Jyoti Secondary School was established on 2029 B.S, is located at Baddichaur of Barahtal Rural Municipality in Surkhet. The school is affiliated with National Examination Board (NEB) and offers plus two (10+2) programs. The School also offers different programs (short courses, 18 months & 3 years program) on Agriculture & Veterinary (Livestock) science affiliation with CTEVT.

Teaching Methodology

Technical faculty of the school uses a concept of “Earn & Study” to promote entrepreneurship mind-set among the students. School provides Rs. 5000 as seed grant hence after, student will pay back the amount with the income of his/ her business. The profit/ loss remains within the student. School is also seeking a close collaboration on the concept of “No Bare Land” by Local Government.

Fig: Map of Surkhet District showing location of Janjyoti HS

The School owns a tractor (Plough), cow shed, poultry shed, Green/ plastic house, Goat Farm, fish pond, Mushroom yard where students can learn practically. In addition to acquire more practical knowledge, school has adopted a big fish pond in a land of 3 bigaha. Cows, Pig, Laukat, Rabbit, Duck, paddy, Chicken were producing within the land. Where student works themselves, learns practically and earns.

Physical Facilities

  • No of buildings: 6
  • No. of classroom: 45
  • Number of computers: 40 desktop + 3 laptop
  • Internet facility: Available
  • Number and types of labs: Physics-1, Chemistry-1, Biology-1, Veterinary-1, Agriculture-1
  • Land area: 13.5 Ha
  • Use of land: Agriculture practical field, fish farm, goat farm, fruit Cultivation, fodder and grass.

Specific Information

Year of affiliation with CTEVT:

  • Ag-JTA – 2067
  • Vet-JTA and Diploma Ag- 2071
  • Diploma vet- 2073

Faculties of Technical education (types/duration/students number etc)

  • Ag-JTA(pre-diploma)- 18 months- 40(36 full paying+3 full scholarship from CTEVT+1 scholarship by school for entrance topper)
  • Vet-JTA(pre-diploma)- 18 months- 40(36 full paying+3 full scholarship from CTEVT +1 scholarship by school for entrance topper)
  • Diploma in Agriculture - 3 years- 40(36 full paying+3 full scholarship from CTEVT +1 scholarship by school for entrance topper)
  • Diploma in Veterinary- 3 years - 40(36 full paying+3 full scholarship from CTEVT +1 scholarship by school for entrance topper)
Fee structures= JTA= 55,000/- Diploma= 2, 05,000/-

Facilities to students

  • Scholarships: Available
  • Training materials: Available
  • Lab facilities: Available (need improvement)
  • Internship: Available
  • Mentoring after training: Not Enough
  • Residential: Not Available

Human Resource & Practical Labs

School has two separate and equipped labs for Agriculture & Veterinary faculty. Total Instructor/ Teacher are 8 providing their services for Agriculture faculty,

  • B. Sc Ag 4
  • M. Sc Ag (Running) -1
  • B.V. Sc -2
  • I. SC Ag, -1


SN Training Name Duration (Days) Type
Main school Building

Poultry and Rabbit shed

Practical fields , labs and Green House for cereals, fruits and vegetable farming

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